The main TT Engineering activity is creation of high quality product, production monitoring and delivery it to the customer. We choose the best suppliers and supervise them, so our customers get the best final product whether it is the food industry, or mining. We specialize in steel and aluminum design, but also attract the best electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics specialists for creation of outstanding final product.

Auxiliary tools

Manufacturing requires individually tailored solutions. Welding fixtures, rotators. Lifting, beams, spreader.

Steel and aluminum structures

Steel and aluminum structures according to EN1090 up to EXC4. We offer certified international welding engineers services and internal non-destructive testing with VT, MT and PT. We can offer external testing - both non-destructive and destructive at reliable subcontractors. 


To ensure efficient mining, different equipment that is specifically tailored to your needs, is required. Floating pontoons, barges, floating structures for sand and other pumpable substance.

Vehicle rebuilding

Automotive Rebuilding Projects. Engine swaps, engine mounts, subframes.


Assembly, installation of wiring and hydraulics.

Reverse engineering

When the manufacturer no longer provides OEM parts, the problem can be solved by reverse engineering.

Manufacturing and documentation for defective part or assembly. If possible new consoles and brackets can be produced for the installation of standardized part.