Steel construction manufacturing

Our company is specialized in manufacturing of steel, stainless steel and aluminum constructions for industrial buildings and structures for mechanical engineering. As we are cooperating with one of the most experienced companies for metalworking products in Latvia, we are able to provide our customer with high quality product within a reasonable time limits.

Supply chain management

 In cooperation with the largest manufacturers and distributors of construction materials we provide construction material deliveries directly to our customers construction site.

We also provide complete control over manufacturing process of steel constructions so our foreign partners can recieve high quality product for competetive price.

Bear in mind that 50-80 % of total construction costs are spent for construction materials so effective supply chain management can significantly reduce the total costs of construction.

Industrial construction

We provide general contractor services in fields of industrial construction. We specialize in construction of hangars, warehouses, barns, industrial buildings, halls etc. We provide full construction cycle starting from our customers idea until the end of commissioning process.